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The ways in which art enters a museum are as diverse as the stories of its origins. The Kunstmuseum Lucerne illustrates this with the current collection exhibition “Where do you come from?”. Some of the works there are gifts from artists or collectors. Like Max Pechstein's painting "Modellpause", which, like many others, came to the Lucerne Art Museum via the Minnich collecting family. Others found their way into the collection on a permanent loan. And the museum itself bought others - after all, collecting is one of the museum's main tasks.

The question still remains: Where do the works of art come from? This is what provenance research investigates. Often not an easy task. Especially for works that were once stolen or expropriated during the Nazi regime. In this exhibition, the Kunstmuseum Lucerne presents cases that have not yet been fully clarified.

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  • Max Pechstein, model break, 1925, Kunstmuseum Lucerne, © 2024 ProLitteris, Zurich.
  • Cuno Amiet, Sitting Girl, 1915, Kunstmuseum Lucerne, deposit of the BEST Art Collection Lucerne Foundation, formerly the Bernhard Eglin Foundation.
  • Otto Lehmann, Untitled, 1981, Kunstmuseum Lucerne.
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