About us

ActiveGuide & SolarGuide

The autonomous audio system for the great outdoors


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Operates without electricity – uses solar or muscle power instead
  • Weatherproof & robust
  • High fun factor

Areas of application

  • All types of outdoor areas
  • Nature reserves and national parks
  • Gardens and zoos
  • Open-air museums and publicly accessible exhibitions

The ActiveGuide requires no connection to the electricity grid. Thanks to its hand crank, visitors can power it with muscle power alone. The SolarGuide model integrates a solar panel, ensuring sufficient energy from the skies. The speaker plays MP3 files in outstanding audio quality, and the volume can be pre-set as required.

This audio system is ideal for use in open-air situations. Installation is simple, and thanks to their metal casing, powder-coated finish and moisture-resistant speaker, ActiveGuide & SolarGuide are ideally equipped to stand up to the elements.

We specialise in audio guides – draw on our know-how to produce your content!

The ActiveGuide & SolarGuide are environmentally friendly and have a small carbon footprint.


Our cranking listening station

When turning the crank, visitors generate the electricity themselves. An LED indicates when enough cranking has been done for the time being. At the push of a button, the ActiveGuide plays the individual audio tracks. A maximum of 8 buttons are available.

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Our listening station for sunny climes

The sun provides the SolarGuide with sufficient energy, even in winter, thanks to a special rechargeable battery. The solar roof can be aligned according to the geographical position of the sun. Up to 10 buttons are available for different audio tracks and languages.

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