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GuideAPP for iOS & Android

Bring your audio guide to your visitors’ personal devices. Our GuideAPP makes it possible, irrespective of whether your visitors have iOS or Android.

The app allows you to seamlessly integrate different types of media into your guide, be it audio, images, videos or text. It is also a great way of producing special content for children.

Choose your preferred menu structure: take a conventional approach with number entry, or offer list selection or an interactive floorplan. And if you want content to launch automatically, beacons, RFID and GPS can be integrated to make it happen.

The app’s specially developed content management system allows you to create tours yourself, integrate different pieces of content as well as extend or amend existing guides.

And if you should need assistance at any point – we are always happy to lend a hand or take on the programming and maintenance work for your GuideAPP for you.

We develop software for both platforms and therefore offer the app in both app stores.

Bring your own device
Visitors use their own devices or draw on museum-owned devices if required.

Build your own tour
Visitors can select their personal favourites and put together their very own tour.

The app can also be made available offline or can connect to the on-site WiFi network as required.

Visitors can navigate using the keyboard, by selecting from a list or browsing the interactive floorplan. A catalogue function and search feature are also possible. Use of the voice-over function also ensures universal application for all.

Program a range of tours through permanent and special exhibitions, tailored for adults or children in any desired language.

Whether you want to include virtual or augmented reality, QR codes, beacons, GPS or WiFi streaming, the possibilities are almost endless. E-mail and social media can also be integrated.

GuideApp Publisher (Content Management)

Comprehensive data access

With our CMS software GuideApp Publisher, you can create, edit and organise all the content yourself – whether text, audio or visual. This allows you to test, upload and insert updates directly.

Local or online

Decide for yourself whether guide data is provided locally or via our hosted web server.

Intuitive user interface

The CMS software user interface is intuitive, and no programming knowledge is required to operate it. If you should nevertheless require assistance, our online support team is always on hand to help.