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Exhibition texts

clear • understandable • concise

Wall panels for specific areas or rooms, exhibit descriptions or content for media stations

We don’t only specialise in audio guide texts – we also have a proven track record of writing exhibition texts. There are several similarities between these two types of writing, such as a clear focus of comprehension, avoiding the excessive use of nouns and foreign words, applying active verbs, and using a clear structure. One particularly challenging aspect of writing exhibition texts is the constraints design places on text length in wall panels and exhibit descriptions.

We meet in person on site to discuss the planned content of the exhibition texts. This is also a good opportunity to source the required background information material (exhibition, exhibit and catalogue texts, reading list, etc.).

As an initial creative step, we produce two sample texts to send you for review. These samples allow you to ensure that you like the writing style, density of information and overall content interpretation. We only begin producing the actual project texts following your approval of these samples.

We aim to produce exhibition texts, based on the underlying academic information, which explain context and interconnections in a varied and easy-to-understand way. This requires careful consideration of the target group, the use of music and other stylistic tools, and the length of each individual track.

Our texts are sent to you for review as part of a primary round of corrections. We usually plan for two rounds of corrections per project.

We then produce a clean final version for your approval.