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Museums lead the way when it comes to establishing an open, inclusive society. Audio and multimedia guides can be a great tool for enabling all visitors to explore an attraction themselves.

We can support you in expressing your content in a way that everyone can easily understand.

Audio description was originally used in movies and is primarily intended for people with visual impairments. Our guides can employ audio descriptions to describe rooms and exhibits, and we commonly work with experts as well as the intended target group to achieve an effective end product.

Sign language is the native language of people with hearing loss. Video can be used to offer these visitors sign language descriptions which communicate exhibition content.

Plain language was developed for people with learning difficulties. It follows a clear set of rules. Testers from the target group put our plain language texts through their paces before they are finally published.

Plain language aims to simplify texts without curtailing their content. Comprehension should be achieved by taking linguistic recommendations into account. The way a simple language text is produced is also dependent on the intended target group, e.g. people

  • with learning difficulties
  • learning English as a second language
  • with lower education levels
  • very young or elderly visitors

Selected references:


  • Haus der Kunst | Munich (Plain language, Audio description)
  • Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus | Munich (Plain language)
  • Aquazoo | Düsseldorf (Plain language)
  • Memorium Nürnberger Prozesse | Nuremberg (Sign language vidoes)
  • Stiftung Topographie des Terrors | Berlin (Sign language vidoes)
  • NS-Dokumentation Vogelsang | Schleiden (Audio description)
  • Museum Eberswalde | Eberswalde (Audio description)
  • Naturkundemuseum | Münster (Audio description)
  • Wewelsburg | Paderborn (Plain language)


  • Stift Klosterneuburg | Klosterneuburg, Austria (Sign language vidoes)
  • Musée des Verts | Saint Etienne, France (Audio description)
  • Musée des Arts asiatiques | Nice, France (Audio description)
  • Musée des Merveilles | Tende, France (Sign language vidoes)
  • Musée Picasso | Paris, France (Sign language vidoes)