About us

On-site service

friendly • reliable • on-demand

Permanent or special exhibition

Whether you need them on a permanent or temporary basis, our personnel are happy to take care of the on-site audio guide service on your behalf.

A friendly face

Museum staff give your institution a face. Attentive personnel and smooth processes are vital to ensure everyone feels welcome.

Hands-on support

We can support you with extra employees on the ground – particularly if you have a very popular exhibition to handle. Our employees are happy to hand out audio guidance systems, explain the available guides, collect any rental fees and ensure tip-top hygiene. And it goes without saying that they are also happy to answer any other questions visitors might have!

The following institutions use our on-site service:

  • Haus der Kunst | Munich
  • Residenz und Schatzkammer | Munich
  • Gedenkstätte und Museum Sachsenhausen | Oranienburg
  • Gasometer | Oberhausen
  • Deutsches Historisches Museum | Berlin
  • Historisches Museum der Pfalz | Speyer